Server Colocation

Server co-location at PREGINET facilities is offered to its partners. Here are the following responsibilities of PREGINET and its partner in terms of co-location:

Responsibilities of PREGINET

  • Provide a rack space at the PREGINET facilities
  • Ensure the connection of the server to the Internet twenty-four (24) hours a day
  • Constantly monitor the available bandwidth
  • Provide assistance to the partner institution’s staff who will conduct server repair and maintenance activities

Responsibilities of the partner institution

  • Provide the server that will be co-located at PREGINET facilities. The server shall be rack-mounted, with a maximum height of 3 rack units and with dedicated uninterrupted power supply.
  • Maintain said server
  • Ensure that server will be utilized only for provisions stipulated in the memorandum of agreement
  • Advocate PREGINET in your website and other promotional materials as a main partner

If you want to learn how you can avail of this service and be a partner of PREGINET, click here.