Internet Protocol version 6

IPv6 is a network layer protocol for packet-switched internetworks. Because of the foreseeable exhaustion of the Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4), IPv6 is created to be its successor.

IPv6 Deployment

PREGINET supports native IPv6 to all core routers, Border Gateway Protocol IPv6 peering to full IPv6 internet routing table, and IPv6 traffic with the same performance as IPv4.

Address Allocation

The Asia-Pacific Network Information Center allocates 2001:D18/32 IPv6 address space for PREGINET partners.

IPv6 Tunnels

A manual tunnel broker can be arranged for a non-production network.

IPv6 Multicast

PREGINET supports native IPv6 Multicast, Multiprotocol Extensions for BGP IPv6 Peering, Multicast Listener Discovery, and Embedded RP.

You can send your request for IPv6 address space to Kindly include your approximate deployment date, network diagram, domain name server of IPv6 delegation and service plans.

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