PREGINET joins APAN 32nd Meeting
By: Katherine Babaran, September 6, 2011

APAN 32nd MeetingThe Philippine Research, Education and Government Information Network participated in the 32nd Asia-Pacific Advanced Network (APAN) Meeting last 22-26 August 2011 at the India Habitat Center in New Delhi, India.

The five-day event is a collaborative effort hosted by India’s ERNET and Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. It provided a venue for tutorials, oral presentations, demonstrations and case studies of advanced networking in areas such as:

  • Network Technology : IPv6, Network Security, Wireless and Mobile Networks, Optical Networks, and Future Internet Testbed;
  • Applications : Medical, High Definition TV, e-Science, Middleware and e-Culture; and
  • Natural Resources : Earth Monitoring, Agriculture and Environmental Sensors.

It became a good opportunity to interact with different networking practitioners and researchers, as well as to learn and understand the current network structure and plans for networking infrastructure in the Asia-Pacific region.

A parallel program on the use of network in medical applications was likewise demonstrated to various APAN members worldwide. The program featured a high bandwidth network endoscopy and surgery, which was joined in by the University of the Philippines Manila and Philippine General Hospital. It also featured a demonstration on technology teleconference, which was held at ASTI and attended by Mr. Renato C. Doctor, Officer-in-Charge of the Philippine Heart Center‘s Hospital Information System and Dr. Celso B. Co of the Ateneo de Manila University.

APAN is a non-profit international consortium that provides an advanced networking environment for the research and education community within the Asia-Pacific region. It refers to both the organization representing its members, and to the backbone network that connects the research and education networks of its member-countries to each other and to other research networks around the world.