PREGINET, ESG take part in Asia Pacific Advanced Network 33rd Conference
By: Katherine Babaran, February 20, 2012

APAN 33rd Conference, ThailandThe Philippine Research, Education and Government Information Network (PREGINET) and the Embedded Systems Group (ESG) of the Department of Science and Technology-Advanced Science and Technology Institute (DOST-ASTI) took part in the Asia Pacific Advanced Network 33rd Conference on 13-17 February 2012 in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Said five (5)-day event highlighted tutorials, workshops and demonstrations covering advanced network technologies and applications. Further, subject event had discussions on network and application technologies, as well as case studies of advanced networking in areas such as:

  • Network Technology: IPv6, Network, Lambda, Security and Future Internet;
  • Natural Resources: Agriculture, Earth Monitoring and Environmental Sensors; and
  • Applications: Medical, High Definition TV, e-Research, Middleware and e-Culture.

PREGINET in Network Technology Meetings

PREGINET presentation on network technologiesThe PREGINET was represented by its Technical Head, Bayani Benjamin R. Lara, in several network technology meetings, which include: a) Global Collaborations; b) Advanced Technology Deployments; c) Performance Network; d) Network Infrastructure; e) IPv6 Technical Working Group Meeting; and f) Medical Working Group Meeting.

PREGINET’s presentation provided updates on the trends of technologies inside the network, its functions, as well as PREGINET’s way to move forward. Further, PREGINET also gave updates on the activities inside Philippine Open Internet Exchange (PhOpenIX). Further, PREGINET also gave updates on the activities inside Philippine Open Internet Exchange (PhOpenIX). The PhOpenIX, which is likewise operated by the PREGINET network engineers, is a layer 2, neutral and settlement-free internet exchange which caters to the needs of local networks in the Philippines.

“Aside from providing updates on the activities of PREGINET and PhOpenIX, the meetings served as great venues to interact with other network engineers and promote global collaborations,” said Mr. Lara.

ESG in attending the session on Sensor Networks in Asia-Pacific Region

ESG presentation on sensor networks in the Asia PacificThe ESG, on the other hand, was represented by its Head, Gerwin P. Guba, in APAN’s Sensor Networks Session. Subject session, which was among Sensor Network, Agriculture and Earth Monitoring Working Groups, aimed at exploring the combined use of ground based sensor networks with earth observation satellite data and other geospatial data in provision of information services relevant to agriculture.

The ESG presentation revolved on the use of ASTI-developed sensors in aid to the Philippine government’s disaster mitigation efforts, particularly, coastline monitoring, tsunami warning and weather monitoring.

About APAN

APAN is a nonprofit international consortium that provides an advanced networking environment for the research and education community within the Asia-Pacific region. It refers to both the organization representing its members and the backbone network that connects the research and education networks of its member-countries to each other and other research networks around the world.  APAN’s objectives are as follows:

  1. Coordinate and promote network technology developments and advances in network-based applications and services;
  2. Coordinate the development of an advanced networking environment for research and education communities in the Asia-Pacific region; and
  3. Encourage and promote global cooperation.

*APAN 33rd Thailand photo taken from APAN website.