PREGINET boosts PUP Technology Festival 2010
By: steph, September 25, 2010

PUP Technology Festival 2010The Philippine Research, Education and Government Information Network (PREGINET) Operations Team provided a talk on the Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) Deployment Considerations and Strategies held at thePolytechnic University of the Philippines last September 22, 2010.

“The talk gave us awareness on the IPv6 existence in the country,” said Sally Concepcion Mua, Systems Administrator of PUP. “It was appropriate since we will be establishing the network path of PUP again.”

Mua also said that they will start to procure IPv6-enabled equipment as one of the steps on reestablishing PUP’s network.

The IPv6 talk was part of PUP’s Technology Festival 2010, a two-day University event which focuses on “Information and Communications Technology and how it can be used as a tool to improve human processes and systems.”

The Technology Festival 2010 features simultaneous exhibits, interactive sessions, inter-campus competitions, seminars, and technology appreciation.

The said festival was one of the pre-anniversary highlights of PUP’s 106th Founding Anniversary that will be celebrated on October 1-11, 2010.