PREGINET bolsters NAST 33rd Annual Scientific Meeting
By: steph, July 14, 2011

33rd Annual Scientific Meeting The Philippine Research, Education and Government Information Network (PREGINET) provided technical assistance on video streaming and Wi-Fi connectivity for the National Academy of Science and Technology’s (NAST) 33rd Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) at the Manila Hotel last July 13-14, 2011.

The ASM 33 revolves on the chosen theme “Meeting the Challenges of Agricultural Productivity, Competitiveness and Sustainability,” building upon the Philippine Agriculture 2020, which is a strategic plan made out of series of workshops and consultations conducted by NAST among the stakeholders of agriculture and fisheries sector.

The Philippine Agriculture 2020 looks forward to a “vision of robust and vibrant agriculture and natural resources production systems and ecosystems services that improve and sustain well-being in the Philippines.”

This year’s ASM conducted a series of roundtable discussions on primary concerns essential to the country’s ability of modern agricultural sector to meet challenges of greater productivity and global competitiveness.

The ASM is an annual gathering of scientists all throughout the country, to discuss how S&T can be made to bear on important national goals and purposes. This year, it was hosted by the NAST Agricultural Sciences Division and co-chaired by National Scientist Dolores A. Ramirez and Academician Emil Q. Javier.