DZMM features PREGINET’s telemedicine
By: steph, February 15, 2011

PREGINET on DZMMDZMM TeleRadyo’s Bago Yan Ah! featured the Philippine Research, Education and Government Information Network’s (PREGINET) telemedicine service on 30 January 2011.

Bayani Benjamin R. Lara, Project Leader of PREGINET, gave an explanation on how telemedicine works in the Philippines.

“Doctors use telemedicine for remote diagnosis. It is an evolution of current technology which is something as simple as using Skype or webcams at Yahoo Messenger, but the difference is, telemedicine is conducted in a research network to have a good quality or high definition of videos,” said Lara.

With regard to the privacy of the patient, Lara said that telemedicine is done in a virtual private network (VPN). “We do telemedicine in VPN which secures communications and transmissions into and out of an intranet,” he said.

Lara further explained that telemedicine is open to all hospitals in the country, since the Kyushu University, which heads Asia’s Medical Working Group, shares said technology, given that a hospital or university has sufficient bandwidth.

The country’s only televised audio broadcasting service, started to tap PREGINET to give a short talk on telemedicine last Wednesday.