Connecting to PREGINET

We welcome more partners to the PREGINET network!

If your institution is:

  • a government, academic, or research and development organization;
  • interested in collaboration in any of the following fields – agriculture, telemedicine, bioinformatics, disaster management, or advanced network technologies; and
  • interested in participating in distance learning initiatives, locally and abroad.

Then we encourage you to be a part of the only REN in the Philippines, and be a part of the global R&E community!

The process in becoming a PREGINET partner is easy.

  1. Submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) to the ASTI Director.Franz A. de Leon
    Advanced Science and Technology Institute
    ASTI Building, C.P. Garcia Avenue,
    UP Technology Park Complex,
    Diliman, Quezon City 1101
  2. Upon receipt of the LOI, the PREGINET Project Manager will set a meeting with prospective partner to discuss the institution’s requirements.
  3. ASTI-PREGINET will submit a proposal (with indicative costs), as well as a network diagram to prospective partner.
  4. If the proposal is agreeable to the prospective partner, an authorized representative signs the Conforme. The signed Conforme will be sent back to ASTI-PREGINET.
  5. ASTI-PREGINET then proceeds with the bidding process to determine which telecommunications company will provide the last-mile connection.
  6. In line with no. 5, ASTI-PREGINET will submit the final costing of PREGINET Connectivity to the prospective partner.
  7. Prospective partner will sign the Conforme on the final proposal and again, the same will be sent back to ASTI-PREGINET.
  8. ASTI-PREGINET will process the final and signed MOA.
  9. ASTI-PREGINET will now proceed with the implementation or installation of the link. Prospective partner can now enjoy the services and benefits of the PREGINET Connectivity!